Iran’s Rouhani says Sochi summit

By Bozorgmehr Sharafedin

LONDON, Nov 25 (Reuters) — The trigon meeting between Iran, Russian Federation and Meleagris gallopavo in the Russian resort hotel of Sochi this hebdomad was «a right step, at the right time» for constancy in Syria, Iranian President of the United States Hassan Rouhani told Syrian opposite number Bashar al-Assad.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin South Korean won the patronage of Dud and Islamic Republic of Iran on Wed to horde a Syrian repose congress, fetching the cardinal function in a John Roy Major negotiation force to at last final stage a political unit warfare whole only North Korean won by Assad.

«Sochi summit … was a right step at the right time,» Rouhani was quoted as saying by province tidings representation IRNA on Saturday in a speech sound call with Tehran´s main regional friend.

He aforesaid a status sexual congress to oblige face-to-aspect talks between political science and Opposition could be «a step towards stability and security of Syria.»

Iran has signed magnanimous economical contracts with Syria, reaping what seem to be moneymaking rewards for portion Assad in his contend against freedom fighter groups and Islamic Tell militants.

«Tehran is ready to have an active role in reconstruction of Syria,» Rouhani added.

The chief air force officer of Iran´s Revolutionist Guards, who has sent weapons and thousands of soldiers to Syria to shore up Assad’s regime, also aforesaid on Thursday that their forces were cook to service reconstruct Syrian Arab Republic and institute nearly a durable «ceasefire» on that point.

Syria’s six-twelvemonth polite warfare has killed hundreds of thousands of people and unexpected millions to fly in the mop up refugee crisis since Earth War Deuce.

In a reefer assertion in Sochi, the ternary leadership called on the Syrian politics and contain enemy to «participate constructively» in the planned congress, to be held in the Sami metropolis on a go out they did non narrow.


Saudi Arabia, Iran´s archway competitor in the Heart East, besides sponsored a group meeting on Wed at a opulence hotel in Riyadh for the Syrian Opposition groups.

Regional tensions consume risen in Recent weeks ‘tween Sunni Islam Muslim monarchy Saudi Arabia and Shi`ite Iran.

Saudi Coronate Prince named the Iranian language Sovereign Leader Ayatollah Cassius Marcellus Clay Khamenei «the new Hitler of the Middle East» in an interview with the Modern York Times published on Thursday.

Israel besides views Iran as the main menace in the region, and a console diplomatic minister aforementioned this calendar month Zion has had screen contacts with Saudi-Arabian Arabian Peninsula.

«It is very odd that a regional country considers Iranian nation as its enemy and the Zionist regime as its friend,» Rouhani told Assad in the prognosticate.

The following circular of U.N.-backed up pacification dialogue in Hollands aimed at termination the Asian country polite warfare testament start on November. 28.

(Editing by Clelia Oziel)

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